About us

Serious Accident Solicitors Ltd : About us

SAS is a specialist niche Personal Injury law firm established by Nia Charles, serving the whole of England and Wales.

With over 17 years experience in handling personal injury claims, from the most simple to the most complex,  we have the expertise and knowledge to help you start rebuilding your life.

We have a simple philosophy; fight hard for injured people and worthy causes. Our dedication to excellence sets the tone for the firm. We provide a warm and reassuring environment where clients are put at ease.

We provide the highest levels of service based on professionalism, decency, integrity and loyalty. Our speciality is to stand for decency in the face of any abuse of power. We use sound legal principles to replace injustice with justice.  We achieve fairness where ordinary people would otherwise be exploited.

Where necessary, we are direct and assertive. If appropriate, we are also prepared to mediate and talk.  However bad things are, we will have dealt with worse. We provide clear options where there is confusion. However impossible the circumstances, we will help you find a way through.

There is a lot of injustice in the world. There are many examples. It could be a product developed cheaply and placed on the market, a multinational that encourages its workers to work excessive hours, nursing homes failing to properly look after those in its care or an executive who relentlessly bullies staff. All of these things can cause injury or death.

When people come to us they feel they have lost control and do not know what to do. They have been seriously injured or the death of a loved one has occurred without warning.  There is often a desperate need to put food on the table, meet the mortgage payments and access quality medical treatment. There is also a need to obtain justice.

We know what to do. We know because we are skilled and experienced.

All claims are dealt with by Nia Charles, an experienced and respected specialist personal injury solicitor who has dedicated her professional career to recovering compensation for injured people.

Nia is accreditated by the Law Societies Personal Injury Panel. This means that her skills, knowledge and experience of personal injury law have been thoroughly tested and certified.

Nia is a very experienced trial solicitor, with an outstanding record of success. She has years of battle hardened experience in representing individuals against insurers and government organisations. During her career, Nia has recovered  millions of pounds of compensation for her clients.

Nia graduated from Cardiff University with a Law Degree (LLB) and completed her professional qualifications at Chester Law College. Nia’s interests are choral music, the theatre, her family and watching rugby. She has sung with the BBC Wales choir, is a member of the Bristol Choral Society and is an accomplished pianist and cellist.