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We have different funding options available. Most of our animal injury claims are handled on a no win, no fee basis.

Animal accidents and injuries

There are many ways in which someone may be injured by an animal. Common examples include – 

  • Dog bites
  • Horse-riding accidents
  • Injuries caused by livestock
  • Zoo and wildlife park accidents
  • Accidents on farms and stables
  • Road traffic accidents involving animals
  • Injuries developed through working with animals or animal feed

Is anyone at fault?

When an animal accident happens, whether someone is at fault will depend on the circumstances. 

Pet owners, for instance, have a duty of care to the public. This means a pet owner should take reasonable steps to prevent their pet from harming anyone. If a dog bites an adult or a child, the owner could be held responsible. 

Similarly, zoos, wildlife parks, horse-riding centres and land with public access must be kept safe for visitors. Unfortunately, sometimes the public can be exposed to unnecessary risks, resulting in an injury. For example, walkers on public footpaths can be charged by cattle. A novice horse-rider may have suffered an injury because they were put on an unsuitable horse. 

Animals are unpredictable. It is not possible to eliminate every single danger. But those responsible for animals must limit the risks, where possible. This might include erecting signs, ensuring enclosures are secure, providing protective equipment and implementing best practices. If they fail to take these steps, they can be held to account. 

Sometimes, an animal will escape, causing an accident. Often this happens when livestock get loose and wander onto the road. Motorists on busy roads may not be prepared for this risk, leading to a road traffic accident. If so, the farmer or landowner may be liable for failing to contain their animals. 

Accidents at work

If you work with animals, your employer has a duty to protect your health and safety. You should not be exposed to unsafe practices or dangerous animals – at least, not without the right training and/or protective equipment. 

We have seen cases in which stable workers, farm workers, vets and zoo employees have been injured by animals. If this has happened to you, you could have grounds for a work accident claim. It does not matter that you work with animals – you should not suffer harm while carrying out your duties. 

What should you do?

If you are injured by an animal, it is best to get as much evidence as possible. If you can, take photographs of your injuries and the site of the accident. Also, report the accident immediately to the animal owner, land or business owner straightaway. Take down any witness names and addresses. If it is a business, there may be an accident book. If so, ask to have the incident recorded. 

Once you have received medical attention, contact us for advice. There are many different ways in which an animal accident can happen. We can investigate whether anyone is to blame for your injuries. Every case is different. We can advise you on whether it is just an unfortunate accident, or whether someone is potentially at fault.

Animal injury claims

If you have been wrongfully injured, you could make an animal injury claim. This involves taking legal action against the person or organisation responsible for your injuries. If this is a pet owner, it is very likely that they will have insurance to cover the cost of legal action. Businesses will also have an insurance policy in place. We will then deal with the insurance company direct, not the owner of the business. 

Making a claim is your one chance to get compensation for your damages. This includes damages for your pain and suffering and financial losses. You can recover the cost of things such as medical treatment, reconstructive surgery and any loss of earnings. 

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If you have been injured by an animal, contact us at Serious Accident Solicitors Ltd for expert legal advice.

We have different funding options available. Most of our animal injury claims are handled on a no win, no fee basis. 

For a free, no obligation enquiry, call us on 0800 024 1400 or fill out our free online enquiry form.