If you are the victim of a violent crime, or witnessed a violent crime, you could claim  compensation for your injuries (whether physical or psychological). 

A claim can be made to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), a government scheme.  If you would like us to help you make a claim, contact us now at Serious Accident Solicitors Ltd. We can tell you whether you are likely to receive compensation under the scheme. We can also handle the claim for you. 

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We have different funding options available. Most clients choose to instruct us on a contingency fee basis. 

How this works 

If we make an application for you that is successful (you are awarded damages) we keep 25% of the compensation we have recovered for you. It does not matter how many hours we have spent working on your case. You are guaranteed to keep 75% of your compensation. 

CICA awards start at £1,000 and can go up to £500,000. As an example, if you are awarded £1,000 in compensation, our fee would be £250 plus VAT.

If you are not awarded damages, you do not pay us a penny for the work we have done.   

If you have already made an application which has been rejected and are at the appeal stage, we can help you with an appeal. We may charge a higher percentage, depending on the facts of the case.  

What is Criminal injury compensation?

Criminal injury compensation is available to people in England and Wales who have been the victim of a violent crime. It is also available to people who have witnessed a violent crime, tried to prevent a violent crime, or whose loved one died because of a violent crime. 

If any of these apply to you, you may have experienced physical and/or psychological harm because of the incident. This can lead to financial losses and conditions such as anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder.

No amount of money can turn back the clock. But making a claim offers some justice. It also helps you pay for things such as medical treatment and counselling. You may be able to recover some financial losses too. 

It is difficult to say exactly how much compensation you will get. Every case is different. The maximum amount awarded under the scheme is £500,000.

Who can claim criminal injury compensation?

Criminal injury compensation can be claimed if you – 

  • Are the victim of violent crime
  • Saw a violent crime happen to a loved one 
  • Are the close relative of someone who has died because of a violent crime
  • Were in no way responsible for the incident
  • Were injured taking reasonable steps to try to prevent a crime
  • Quickly reported the incident to the police
  • Co-operated with the police 

It does not matter what kind of crime happened. It could be a mugging, an assault, a sexual assault, a robbery or something else. 

The offender does not always have to be convicted of a criminal offence. Sometimes this puts people off claiming compensation, as they believe a guilty verdict is needed. However, you can still submit a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. 

You may also be able to claim if the crime happened before 1 October 1979 and you lived with the attacker as a family member at the time of the incident. Previously these cases were not allowed because of the ‘same roof’ rule but this rule has recently changed to now allow these claims to be made.

For your claim to succeed, you must show that you were injured because of a crime of violence. The injuries must have impacted your life in some way, either physically or psychologically. You must prove that you were in no way to blame for the incident.

It is vital to report the offence to the police as soon as possible. If there is a significant delay, it could impact on your claim. You may also face problems if you provoked or participated in the attack, or if you have a criminal record. You will not be eligible for an award if you have any unspent convictions. 

In most cases your claim must be brought within two years of your injury, although exceptions can be made in some circumstances.

How to claim criminal injury compensation

If you want to claim criminal injury compensation, a claim must be submitted to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. You can do this yourself or we can help you.  

You may prefer a solicitor to represent you, as you must provide evidence that proves your case. If you do not present the right evidence, your claim could be rejected or you might not receive the right amount of compensation.

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