Recovering from a broken bone can take a good while. If you have fractured a bone in an accident that was no fault of your own, or your fracture was missed by doctors, you could have grounds for a claim.  

As part of the process, we will put you on the right track straight away and make sure that anything that can speed up your recovery gets actioned. This might be through arranging surgery or whatever treatment is needed. This often helps you get better more quickly. The cost of private treatment can be included in your claim against the other side if that is something you would like to be arranged – we make sure that you can access the best medical care available.  

You may also benefit from physiotherapy. Again, we can get you the money to cover this. In cases where a fracture is severe or leads to complications like an infection or nerve damage, you may need more help at home to get around and about.  We can look at whether any aids or equipment can help you and if so, ask the other side to pay for these. 

Waiting for a broken bone to heal can lead to other losses, such as travel costs, as you may have no choice but to get around via a taxi or buses.  You may be unable to work during your recovery period or not be able to go back to the same job. 

We will claim all your past and future financial losses for you, making sure you are not out of pocket. We are here to help you. 

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