Not only are burns and chemical injuries extremely painful, they can also cause scarring and other marks. You may look different. The way we see ourselves and others can often affect our self-esteem, confidence, body image and mental health. 

Our feelings about how we look matter. It can impact on our quality of life, our ability to go out have fun, work and and our relationships.  

If you have suffered a burn or chemical injury through no fault of your own, we can help you. As well as sorting out what is needed medically, we can also look at ways in which your quality of life can be improved.  

Often with burns and chemical injuries, reconstructive surgery is an option. This can improve the appearance of your scars, in turn helping with self-esteem issues. We can get you the money needed to cover the cost of having this treatment privately, which can mean it getting done more quickly. It also means you have access to the best medical care available. 

Counselling can also be useful if you are suffering psychologically following an accident. Talking to someone can help if you the accident has caused a phobia, depression or a loss of body confidence. These costs can all be claimed, if this is something that you need.  

We can also talk to you about whether special make up can help. While many high street cosmetics are fine for minor blemishes, there are specific skin camouflage brands on the market which can provide better skin cover solutions for both men and women. They have a high pigment, are long lasting (often up to 8 hours on the face and 2-3 days on the body) and are water resistant, so you can swim or work out. A professional Skin Camouflage Practitioner can help you find the correct colour and product, helping to boost confidence and self-esteem. We can arrange a consultation for you and include the cost in your claim of having to buy different make up going forward. 

Burns and chemical injuries happen in all sorts of ways, including at work, in road traffic accidents or as a result of defective products. No matter how your injury was caused, we can help you. Call us. 

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