Elbow injuries often happen after a slip, trip or fall but can also be caused by overuse at work, crushing accidents and road accidents. 

You may have tennis elbow or a complex elbow fracture. 

Having an elbow injury can mean that you need surgery. Elbow injuries often mean that you need to take time off work or work on light duties. During this time, you may be unable to drive, carry out your usual household chores or take part in your hobbies. This can make life difficult, and if your ability to earn is affected, can lead to financial stress.

If you have an elbow injury through no fault of your own, we can help you. You can claim the money you need to put you right from the person that is to blame for your injury. We can ask specialist medical experts whether there is any way to speed up your recovery. You may be able to be helped by surgery (which we can ask the other side to pay for privately) or treatment such as private physiotherapy. This may mean that you can treated more quickly and have more sessions that you may be offered on the NHS. 

If the damage is long term, we can look at whether your home or car can be adapted to help you manage better. The cost of this and any other things you need can be included in your settlement.

Whatever your needs, we can make sure that you get the support you need -and quickly. This means you can get on with concentrating on recovering, without having to worry about anything else. 

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