Your eyesight is very precious. Any injury that affects how you see can be hard to cope with. Eye injuries can happen when something hits your eye or if you are hurt in a criminal assault. They can happen at work – for example if you have not been given proper protective safety goggles, or if chemicals have injured your eye. 

However it happened, if your eye injury was not your fault, we can help you claim the damages you are entitled to. It may be possible to improve your sight through laser surgery (which can be claimed on a private basis) or through corrective lenses. We can make sure the cost of any eye treatment you need is included in your settlement. 

If you have suffered a loss of sight in one eye and have reduced vision in the other eye,  and/ or problems such as double vision, the compensation award can range from £60,010 to £99,440. 

Compensation for the loss of an eye can ranges from £51,460 to £61,690. If you have constant blurred vision and sensitivity to light in both eyes from an eye injury and need to wear dark glasses, the settlement award can range from £22,230 up to £36,960. 

If your vision is badly affected, you may be at risk of losing your job. You may need more help around the house or getting out and about with an assistance dog. Let us help you. We can look at getting safety features installed at home for you. Being provided with care or domestic help may make your life a little easier. We can claim these expenses for you from the person to blame.   

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