Hand and wrist injuries can be very painful. Injuring your hand can often also be really disruptive and stop you doing many things that you could do before. An injury will make normal tasks like washing and getting dressed more difficult. It can also affect your ability to work, regardless of whether you have an office job or work on a construction site. 

Hand and wrist injuries can happen in lots of way, but are especially typical following a slip, trip or fall. Putting a hand out to break a fall can lead to broken bones or ruptured ligaments. Hand injuries can also often happen in road traffic accident, medical accidents, sports accidents or accidents at work.

If you suffered a hand or wrist injury through no fault of your own, we can help you make sure that you recover your losses. This includes any loss of earnings or the cost of any medical treatment that you need. This might include surgery, physiotherapy or pain relief medication. You may also need more help at home with things that you cannot do so well now or cannot do at all, such as cooking, hoovering or driving around. 

Hands and wrists are complicated structures. You may take a while to recover or suffer pain over a long time. You may not have the same grip strength as you did before. We use the best medical experts who specialise in this type of injury. If you need care and assistance, or would benefit from adaptations to your home, these costs can all be included in your settlement. We can make sure that you are not left out of pocket because of your injuries.  

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