Injuries affecting the hips and pelvis can restrict how you move around and often cause long-term pain. Hip fractures may need surgery, and if they are not properly repaired, can increase the risk of osteoarthritis. This can result in permanent disability and pain. If you have injured your hip or pelvis, you may also experience sexual, bladder or bowel issues.

If you make a claim for your hip or pelvic injury, you can claim compensation for the way your life has been affected. You may have difficulty walking, which can affect your independence and enjoyment of life. 

We use specialist medical experts to report on your injury and ask them to include their view on how your injury may recover. We can then plan your case carefully for you and take steps to fully support you. As part of this, our medical experts are asked to recommend any treatment that may help. We can help you get you the funds you need to cover medical treatment, including surgery, physiotherapy or help with pain management. 

We can help you claim the cost of any equipment for your home to help make your life better or more comfortable. You may find that walking aids or a wheelchair can help you. We can look at whether safety rails can be fitted, an accessible shower or a winch. These are all things that we can help you include as part of your claim.

Let us help you move forward with your recovery and gaining the financial security you need.  

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