Leg injuries can range from torn ligaments to serious fractures or amputations. 

An injury to your leg can cause huge disruption to your life. At best, it can mean a period of recovery on crutches, during which your independence is restricted. At worst, it can mean long term pain and disability. 

We are here to get you the compensation you deserve. You may have suffered a leg injury due to a road traffic accident, an accident at work, a sports accident or something else. However it was caused, we can help you.  Sometimes a medical mistake may cause leg problems, for example, if a leg fracture was not picked up. 

Claiming what the law says you are entitled to means that you will receive a sum of money for your pain and loss of quality of life. You can also recover a sum for any treatment you may need, such as the cost of private surgery, physiotherapy or medication costs. If you are  struggling to walk, we can look at getting you the money so you can hire a mobility scooter, buy mobility aids, make changes to your home if needed or pay for domestic help. 

During your claim, we will ask specialist medical experts to assess your condition. They will consider if they can speed up your recovery, or whether they can improve your quality of life. We make sure that you get the best treatment and rehab you need. 

No two leg injuries are the same, so getting the best advice tailored to your situation is essential. 

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