Our guarantees

Serious Accident Solicitors Ltd provide a 5 star level of professional service that has been designed to ensure that clients can contact us whenever they wish.

All cases are concluded as quickly as possible.

There are four key parts of our service;

1. Immediate Response

If you telephone us before 3 pm, we aim to return your call within 4 hours.

We aim to answer letters, emails or faxes received from you within one day.

We will update you each month to inform you how your claim is progressing.

This means you will never be left in the dark, wondering what is going on. It is crucial that you know that your claim is being processed quickly and efficiently

2. 24/7 Mobile Telephone Availability

All clients are provided with the mobile phone number of the solicitor dealing with their case. You will receive a prompt response to any calls made to this number.

Although there will be short periods when this number is switched off, for example, when we are in Court or in client meetings, any voicemail messages left will be answered as soon as possible.

3. A Solicitor Accredited by the Law Societies Personal Injury Panel 

Your claim will only be dealt with by a Solicitor accredited by the Law Society. Contrast this absolute commitment with the practices of many other (often larger) firms where the claim may be handled by an unqualified paralegal with little experience.

4. Use of the finest Experts and Barristers

We will personally select the most appropriate and experienced experts and barristers to be instructed in your claim. Contrast this with the practices of other firms, where the person dealing with the case might not only be unqualified, but will often rely on an administrator in an external agency to choose the medical expert. In such firms, clients are also often given an in-house “counsel”.  A case is only as strong as the experts used. Poor experts will produce a poor outcome; excellent experts will give you the very best chance of success.