Premises accidents

Premises accidents can take different forms:

1. A slipping or tripping accident.

2.Where an owner has not provided a safe environment to visitors or users of its premises.

Too many unnecessary injuries are inflicted on innocent visitors to buildings every year.

Visitors  have a right to be protected from dangerous buildings. Owners have to take care to ensure visitors are reasonably safe during a visit. This includes all types of buildings, such as houses, shops, DIY stores, garden centres, sports grounds, hospitals, schools, public buildings and garages.

Many accidents occur on retail premises. A study in 1999/2000 reported that two customers had been killed and about 3000 injured during visits to retail premises in the UK. It was thought that many accidents went unreported.  In France, there are about 40,000 injuries in retail premises every year. The elderly and children are most at risk.

The single biggest cause of injuries are slipping and tripping cases. Falls account for 71% of all fatal accidents for those aged 65 and over. Hundreds more are injured by falling or moving objects or by bumping into fittings and displays.

Most store owners are responsible and committed to health and safety. However, there are  some who fail to wipe up  spills immediately, which often results in falls. Attention is needed to ensure display hooks and rods on product racks do not cause eye injuries.

Injuries whilst visiting buildings are caused in many other ways.  For example, compensation has been awarded for tripping over a rug not secured by a gripper, slipping on a highly polished floor, falling over a bag, misplacing footing due to poor lighting and being trampled during a visit to a football match.

Children have greater legal protection when visiting premises than adults. The law expects owners of buildings to be aware that children tend to be less careful than adults. Children are considered more vulnerable to the dangers and traps that an adult would avoid. An owner should expect a child to play with things they are not supposed to. Special care must therefore be taken to make all dangers that might be alluring to children safe.  If they are ignored and an injury arises, compensation will be payable.

Most owners of buildings pay for insurance to protect themselves against a claim. It is highly likely, therefore, that an insurer will pay the compensation. If you do not make a claim the insurer will keep the money that should have been paid to you.

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