What will it cost?

Any initial enquiry is dealt with on a free, no-obligation basis.

If we think you may have a case, we will discuss with you the methods of funding that may be open to you.

There are a number of methods of funding legal cases.

Legal Expenses Insurance and Conditional Fee Agreements (known as No-win, No- fee agreements) are common methods of funding.  We are also happy to act for privately paying clients.

If we feel that your claim has reasonable prospects of success, we will offer you a Conditional Fee Agreement (or  ” No-win, No- fee” agreement).

If we take on your case on this basis, we are paid nothing if you lose your case.

If you win your case, you may have to pay legal fees and expenses out of your compensation but this will not exceed 25% of the compensation awarded to you.

In our initial consultation, which is provided free of charge, we discuss with you whether you may have a case and fully set out all the funding options open to you. However your case is funded, you will be given clear advice on funding both at the outset and throughout your case.