Workplace accidents

Workplace Accidents

Workers in offices and factories have a fundamental right to work in safety. The grim reality is many people are killed and injured in factories every year; each death and injury should not have happened.

If you have been injured at work, we will help you recover the compensation you deserve. We will do everything we can to ensure that your rehabilitation, which is so vital to making a full recovery, is the best available.

Workers in factories have the same right to a safe working environment as any one else. In the UK there are 1.6 million occupational injuries every year. In addition there are 2.2 million cases of ill health caused, or made worse, by work. Many of these injuries are suffered by workers in factories.

Many working process are inherently dangerous. They might involve fast moving machinery, chemicals, high temperatures or heavy equipment. Many injuries in factories are caused by workers tripping and slipping. The law requires employers to keep workplaces and every traffic route free from obstructions and articles or substances which might cause a slip, trip or fall. Seating must be suitable, there must be adequate ventilation and lighting must be adequate.

There are many other examples. Work equipment must be suitable and maintained in efficient working order and in good repair. Staff must be properly trained to use the equipment. Access to dangerous parts of a machine must be prevented. If access is needed, the machine must be stopped before any part of a persons body reaches the danger zone. Lifting equipment must be of adequate strength and stability, it must be positioned and installed to minimise any risks, it use must be planned, organised and performed by competent people. Many factory workers injure their backs when lifting. There are minimum requirements for the manual handling of loads where there is a risk of back injury. They apply to loads that must be lifted, put down, pushed, pulled, carried or moved. An employer must try and avoid manual handling, if practicable.

All workers should receive proper training. The training must include issues concerning safety. Employers must ensure safety rules are adhered to.

If you have been injured in a workplace or factory accident, we will help you bring the claim. We will help you to recover any loss of earnings and treatment costs. We will do so quickly. By making the claim, you will also be doing something positive to encourage your employers to prevent the repetition of a similar accident in future.

The compensation will almost always be paid by an insurance company. Your employer will have purchased an appropriate insurance policy every year specifically so any compensation can be paid without damaging the employers finances. Making a claim while still working at an office or factory should not in any way result in the loss of your job. The law will protect you if you decide to claim.

We are waiting to help you make a claim.

If you would like an informal discussion please contact us. We welcome the opportunity for a free, no-obligation conversation. It is vital you choose the correct solicitor to bring the claim on your behalf – this may be one of the most important decisions you make in your financial life. There are many other less qualified people who will try and attract your enquiry.

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